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Nov 4, 2019

The brain is a power center of our very beings. We want it to be as healthy as possible to support us, not only today, but for years and decades to come. Dr. Mary Rensel, neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, reminds us why time matters and why the time to be concerned about brain health is now -- for us and for our children.

You probably knew that nutrition, exercise, sleep, and our emotional state has an impact on brain health. But did you know social connection also plays a role? Dr. Rensel gives us tips on how to take small steps to support a healthy brain. She also address what supplements -- if any -- are known to positively impact brain function.

Finally,  you’ll enjoy getting to know Dr. Renzel as she shares with us how she avoids burnout, the advice she would give her younger self, and the leadership book she’s currently reading.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Dr. Rensel
  • Why we should be concerned about brain health now
  • How sleep, exercise, nutrition, emotional health, and connection with others impacts the brain
  • How toxins negatively affect the brain
  • Why we should be concerned about our children’s brains health
  • Small steps you can take today toward better brain health
  • Dr. Rensel’s tips for avoiding burnout