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Mar 13, 2023

Welcome back to season eight of the Growth Edge leadership podcast. This season is all about mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching, and coincides with the release of my most recent book; Mentor Coach Lead to Peak Professional Performance. I am so delighted to hear the positive feedback from so many of you about the impact of this topic and these episodes, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the number of you who have already purchased and read a copy, acquired copies for others, or are anxiously awaiting your copy on pre-order from it’s upcoming Amazon release date this Wednesday, March 15th.


In this week’s Growth Edge leadership podcast episode, we’ll answer the question “when do we need mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching?” There are so many circumstances in life when we need to be surrounded by wise counsel and objective input.


Here’s a short list:






These relationships provide invaluable insight and input in a variety of ways. Mentors, sponsors, and coaches provide:


Clarity of vision

Clarity of purpose, engagement, and meaning

Increased self-awareness

Encouragement and exhortation


Listen in!


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