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Sep 9, 2019

Brave -- it’s not a quality we often hear in business and leadership, but it’s the quality that Nicole Bianchi, founder of Bravium Human Development, believes is most lacking in today’s leaders. In a culture that’s enamored by the myth of perfectionism, we shouldn’t be surprised that most of us, while we know in theory that failure is an integral part of growth, tend to only give lip service to the idea that failure is our friend. It’s easy to say but very difficult to actively embrace. 

In today’s episode, Nicole introduces us to the concept of bravership -- a combination of bravery and leadership -- and why it’s so needed in our institutions today. We discuss learned fears and how coaches can help us break out of patterns that are holding us -- and our institutions -- back. Nicole explains why she believes you should choose your own coach and why she currently has two coaches in her life.

We also discuss purpose, community, and the habits and practices of the most effective leaders Nicole knows -- and how all of this ties into bravership.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Nicole’s background
  • About Bravium
  • About bravership
  • About learned fears and what to do about them
  • About coaching myths
  • Why you should choose your own coach
  • About the importance of purpose and community