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Dec 23, 2019

As “Leader Leader” of Greater Omaha Chamber, Lynda has been tasked with creating and guiding all of the chamber’s leadership development offerings. Essentially, she’s been leading leaders for years, and she shares some of her wisdom with us today.

Lynda is a skilled relationship builder and connector. Today we cover important topics like diversity and inclusion, avoiding echo chambers (check your social media feeds), and how to build relationships -- especially with those with whom you disagree.

Lynda’s experience and wisdom bring us practical, why-haven’t-I-tried-that-before approaches of bridging gaps, building community, and broadening our own scope, while staying true to our own values and priorities. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Lynda’s career path
  • About Lynda’s responsibilities as Leader Leader of the Greater Omaha Chamber 
  • Why diversity is important for teams and groups
  • How you can disagree and be inclusive at the same time
  • What Lynda believes is the most important trait for a leader to possess
  • How Lynda combats the echo chamber
  • How to find common ground with almost anyone