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Dec 2, 2019

Tiny town Nebraska natives unite! Yes, my guest today, like your host, is from a no-stop-light tiny Nebraska town. We have a lot in common, beyond our similar roots. 

Cara is the vice president of Employee Benefits Division at SilverStone Group, the founder of Ignite! Women in Insurance, one of the most ambitious people I know, yet she religiously carves out time for herself and her family. 

But self-care hasn’t always been easy. There was a time when Cara found herself in a work situation that was just a bad cultural fit. And no amount of hard or achievements were going to change that fact. In today’s episode we uncover how to spot ill-fitting work situations/cultures. We also discuss Cara’s positive perspective on challenges and how she’s actively working to elevate women in her industry. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Cara’s career path
  • How to identify work situations that are a bad cultural fit
  • Why self-care is such a top priority for Cara
  • How Cara elevates other women in her industry
  • About Ignite!