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Aug 12, 2019

As an attorney to healthcare  professionals, Stephanie, among other things, advises professionals on the art of negotiation. While the term “negotiation” sounds scary and intimidating to many, Stephanie argues that, whether we realize it or not, we negotiate in our daily lives when we’re in meetings, when we’re arguing a point, when we’re submitting a proposal. 

Of course, we also negotiate when it comes to making a large purchase, like buying a home or car, and when signing contracts. How often have professionals left money on the table because they were afraid to negotiate, afraid to ask for what they believe they’re worth, afraid to bargain for what they really want? 

No one  wants to be viewed as difficult or disruptive. This is especially true of women. Stephanie invites us to shift the way we think about negotiation. Rather than being disruptive, we should view negotiation as a chance to learn and to push forward the things that matter to us. 

Stephanie shares how we can be more effective in our negotiations and how senior professionals can serve those more junior by offering insight and support. Stephanie and I also talk about traits of good leaders and why adaptability is such an important one, especially for those in the healthcare fields.   

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Stephanie’s background
  • Why you might need to have a paradigm shift regarding negotiation
  • Why physicians often feel sheepish about negotiating
  • Why negotiation is usually extra-challenging for women
  • How to be prepared to negotiate
  • Why it’s crucial that leaders be adaptable, especially those in healthcare
  • About Stephanie’s view of self-care    
  • The traits of the best performing professionals
  • What can derail a leader