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Apr 8, 2019

This podcast shares the habits and practices of peak performers and top leaders, from many walks of life; physicians, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and academics. And from every season, from the seasoned and sage to those emerging leaders and rising rock stars. All who are blazing trails and shining a light for others.

Weill Cornell Medicine’s Dr. Ruth Gotian has a lot on her plate — including roles as assistant professor, chief learning officer, assistant dean, and executive director of the Mentoring Academy — but she doesn’t let that slow her down or distract her from her focus on building leaders through mentorship. Driven by a love for leading and helping others, especially students, Dr. Gotian humbly notes that she has students and mentees to thank for many of her own accomplishments as a leader.  

Dr. Gotian acknowledges that personal habits are key in both forming leaders and being a top-notch leader yourself. Pointing out that her ability to be “comfortable being uncomfortable” has played a key role in her leadership success, she affirms the importance of paying attention to your mentees; watching them closely for their “aha moments” can help you help them identify their passions and deep interests. Other habits important to leadership growth include a zest for learning and reading (Dr. Gotian admits she’s a voracious reader), regular chats with varied groups of people (the more diverse, the better), perseverance, and the ability to have the right attitude toward challenges, successes, and failures.

Dr. Gotian believes firmly that when it comes to leadership, mentoring is a win-win for all involved. Collaborating with others to identify and achieve personal goals allows for the development of the next generation of leaders, a lasting legacy that any leader can be proud of.