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Nov 26, 2018

Have you ever wondered why certain individuals just seem to accelerate in their careers? They weren't necessarily the 4.0 students, but when your paths cross now, they seem to have a rocket strapped to their back. These super-successes are being promoted, advancing their careers quickly, leading others, and spearheading new initiatives. What sets them apart from the rest?

Let’s chat about what the most successful leaders possess and hone through every stage of her or his career; Emotional Intelligence. 

Though it’s often thought of as a ‘soft’ skill, or a ‘nice to have’, research shows that emotional intelligence has a powerful value in the workplace. Talents, skills, and competencies are valuable. But betting on them alone is insufficient. The leaders who achieve the greatest personal and professional success couple technical prowess with emotional and social savvy, and influence extraordinary outcomes.

IQ will get you in the door. Emotional intelligence is what will set you apart.