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Growth Edge Leadership Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

This podcast shares the habits and practices of peak performers and top leaders, from many walks of life; physicians, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and academics. And from every season, from the seasoned and sage to those emerging leaders and rising rock stars. All who are blazing trails and shining a light for others.

Welcome to the inaugural Coach’s Corner feature with attorney Josh White who has had a diverse career path from athletics administration to leadership development. Throughout, he has maintained a passion for networking and relationship building. Although many look at networking as a necessary evil — a cold, transactional exchange of business cards — Josh sees it as the art of building strong, long-term professional relationships, an essential life habit for leaders.

The key to being able to see the true value in networking is understanding its relational aspect, Josh affirms. He believes that caring about people is essential, as is the habit of giving more than you take. Just as important, you need to know your own personality, since that will affect how you choose to engage with others when building relationships. Other elements Josh sees as helpful include asking engaging questions, being a good listener, and looking proactively for ways — both large and small — to help and connect with others.

During this episode, Josh tackles some of the tougher issues surrounding networking, including the “I’m too busy” and “I’m afraid of getting a ‘no’” cards that you might be tempted to pull. He also shares words of wisdom regarding common mistakes to avoid when engaging in networking activities.