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May 13, 2019

This podcast shares the habits and practices of peak performers and top leaders, from many walks of life; physicians, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and academics. And from every season, from the seasoned and sage to those emerging leaders and rising rock stars. All who are blazing trails and shining a light for others.

As chair of the U.S. News & World Report ‘s highest-ranked Master of Science of Health Administration program in the nation, Dr. Christy Lemak understands that high-performing organizations are an outgrowth of the organization’s leadership. She’s been a student of high-performing organizations and individuals and the characteristics that define them.

Dr. Lemak and her team in Birmingham have led growth and change initiatives by recognizing their own individual biases, and the biases of the organization as a whole, and then putting measures in place to counter those biases. She’s a believer in talking about uncomfortable topics like race and gender issues, because recognizing these  issues is the first step in creating change.

In today’s episode, we discuss what is culture and a leader’s role in defining the culture of an organization. We discuss the hallmarks of high-performing leaders, tips for tending to your own continued personal growth, and ways established and emerging leaders can affect change within their organizations.