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Sep 30, 2019

Today Carol is the northern region CEO for OSF HealthCare in Illinois. She started out in -- wait for it -- finance. Carol’s career path is an atypical and varied one, and she got where she is today by seizing opportunities that were both obvious and not so obvious. Some of her most valuable experience came from her time serving in professional organizations. 

In today’s episode, Carol makes a strong case for serving in professional organizations to not only build your network but also to gain valuable leadership skills. It’s a way to gain experience, apart from your day job, that will prepare you for your next career move. Instead of waiting for your next career opportunity to come to you, you can create opportunities by gaining invaluable experience in voluntary roles.

Carol and I also discuss how to foster diversity in the workplace and why diversity will help build more nimble institutions. We also discuss how to develop resilience and how to make self-care a top priority, especially during stressful times.   

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Carol’s unique career path
  • How to prepare yourself to level up to the next leadership role
  • How serving in professional organizations can help you gain valuable leadership experience  
  • How to nurture diversity in organizations
  • Practical tips for building resilience and practicing self-care