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Aug 5, 2019

Today’s episode was a special treat for me because it was recorded in person. Dr. Anjali Bhagra, newly appointed diversity and inclusion chair of the Mayo Clinic, was in Omaha recently, and we got to reconnect face to face.

We got straight down to business, discussing the difference between diversity and inclusion, why (sadly) we’re not wired to embrace diversity, and why it’s important that we do so anyway. The research is conclusive. The sooner we recognize our natural tendencies and intentionally work toward diversity and inclusion, the better we’ll all be. 

Anjali’s CME course, GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Inspiration, and Tenacity), is an exemplary example of diversity and inclusion. Anjali shares how GRIT came to be, why the leadership is intentionally reaching out to men, and where GRIT is headed in the coming years. 

You’ll enjoy learning about Dr. Anjali Bhagra, the person. She doesn’t shy away from personal topics. She shares about her family of origin, her family of procreation, and life pursuits she enjoys away from work. Enjoy listening in! 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Anjali’s background
  • The difference between diversity and inclusion
  • About GRIT
  • How GRIT was an outgrowth of a physician engagement group
  • How Anjali developed a passion for education and growing leaders
  • About the relationship between adversity, personal growth, and leadership
  • Anjali’s habits and practices that keep her sharp and whole