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Growth Edge Leadership Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

This podcast shares the habits and practices of peak performers and top leaders, from many walks of life; physicians, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and academics. And from every season, from the seasoned and sage to those emerging leaders and rising rock stars. All who are blazing trails and shining a light for others.

Today Josh White joins the show and interviews Growth Edge’s host, Laurie Baedke — speaker, author, mentor, podcast host, Creighton University faculty member, wife, and mother — who brings to the world a strong sense of initiative, a drive for excellence, a desire to serve that she says is “ingrained” into her DNA, and a passion for leadership. Hospital VP at the age of 22, Laurie has been drawn to leadership for as long as she can remember.

Her natural affinity for leading, Laurie humbly notes, arises in large part from being surrounded by exemplary leaders throughout her life, not the least of whom is her own father, a man whose example taught Laurie the invaluable lesson that serving others brings rewards that can’t be bought. Her diverse career path, from hospital administrator to entrepreneur, also has played a role in helping Laurie become the strong, confident leader that she is today.

Laurie believes it’s essential for leaders to view leadership as the gift that it is (service to others), to push themselves out of their comfort zones, and to approach their professional relationships like you would the art of building a long-lasting fire — patiently, lovingly, and with an eye to the future. Being a good steward of time, attention, resources and, most importantly, other people is also crucial.